Medical Malpractice Attorney, Vancouver, Washington

Jonathan Gill, Medical Malpractice Attorney in Vancouver, Washington, has been representing injured clients for over 25 years.  If you or a loved one has been injured while receiving medical care, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries and the resulting harm.

If you were injured by a doctor or while in the hospital, we can help.  Doctors’ insurance companies are in business to make money.  The less the insurance company pays out, the more money they make.  The insurance company will try to low-ball your case.  Our job is to get the injured person the highest amount possible. 

You are the one who has been hurt and needs to pay your bills.  Without the threat of a lawsuit, the doctor’s insurance company will simply offer minimal amounts and wait, they have nothing to lose. The longer they keep the money in their accounts, the more interest they can earn.  If insurance companies always offered fair settlements, there would be no need for attorneys and there would be no need for laws that protect people from insurance companies.  We help you get the most from the doctor’s insurance company or from a jury.

Vancouver, Washington Medical Malpractice Attorney, Jonathan Gill, only collects his fee after the successful conclusion of your case. If he does not win your case, he does not get paid. Call Medical Malpractice Attorney, Jonathan Gill today for your free consultation.

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